Roverway 2024

The next Roverway event will be held in Norway from 22 July to 5 August 2024 and we’re excited to say the selection for participants has started!

Roverway sits alongside the World Scout Jamboree and the World Scout Moot as one of Scouting’s three big international events. It involves three main aspects:

  • A semi-independent exploration or ‘path’ in the host country
  • A jamboree-style main camp experience where all patrols come together
  • A post-event experience for, and shaped by, the UK Contingent

It’s a great opportunity for Explorers and Scout Network members to take part in an international adventure, build their confidence and develop independence.

Who can participate?

Roverway is open to members aged 16-22, those born between 01/08/2002 and 22/07/2008. These members will be organised into patrols. A patrol is made up of 5 to 8 young people and must include a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader that will be over 18 years old by 1 January 2024. This gives them time to complete training that will support them in these roles.

We are currently looking for our Cheshire County Roverway Patrol members. Interested?

What about IST?

Please note that the International Service Team (IST) for Roverway are those 23+ years and recruitment will take place centrally after participants have been registered.
For more details about Roverway 2024, take a look at the UK website.

Watch the Webinar 16.3.23

Apply Now!

Roverway 2024 Application

Ballot application and PL/APL Expression of Interest

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Application and Ballot Procedure

Application deadline -> 6th April

Selection confirmation date -> 11th April

As Scouts, we act with integrity and we believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should be able to be involved in Scouts and inspired to apply. International opportunities are as much a part of Scouting as rainy campsites and woggles, so it’s important that we can make events like Roverway accessible to everyone.

The application process is built around two ideas – the ballot, and scouting criteria.

The ballot system is simple – it means that rather than first-come-first-served approach, all applications will be considered if they are received before the application deadline.

The criteria enables us to find Scouts who will benefit most from the chance to take part in an international Scouting event, and who may have, in the past, not felt inspired or able to apply.

For each of the criteria that an applicant fits, they will receive an additional entry into the ballot. The criteria are;

  1. Has the candidate ever been eligible for Free School Meals
  2. Never attended another world event (Moot, Jamboree, Roverway)
  3. Never had an international Scouting experience (ie, never been abroad with scouts)
  4. Never attended a UK based International Camp (Chamboree, EssexJam, NORJAM)

These Criteria are based around the results from our inclusivity research, which outlined several key factors which have, in the past, prevented or discouraged some Scouts from applying.

The criteria are designed to redress this imbalance and it does not guarantee anyone a place.


For anything please contact -> [email protected]

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls