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Welcome to our BTEC Hub

This is a dedicated site for the #CheshireScoutsBTEC Level 2 Award in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community, in partnership with CVQO.

This is a big opportunity for Explorer Scouts to achieve external recognition for all the dedication they give to the Scout movement as well as learn and develop new skills to carry through life.

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Cheshire Scouts & CVQO partnership

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Our People

Meet the leaders behind the scenes
From Cheshire Scouts…

With professional expert skills, knowledge and experience in further education, apprenticeships, and young people’s awards, the Cheshire Explorer Scouts Team is well-equipped to be producing this project.

The team managing this qualification through Cheshire Scouts are:

Amelia Riley
Assistant County Commissioner
(Explorer Scouts)
Cheshire, UK
[email protected]

Carol Frain
Assistant County Commissioner
(Top Awards)
Cheshire, UK
[email protected]


Click here to meet the Explorers team.

The Launch Pad

Getting involved through Cheshire Scouts
First things first…

The academic year 2023/2024 has begun. Cheshire Scouts are now delivering a BTEC Level 2 course in Teamwork and Personal Development in The Community..

Places will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Registration is done through the yellow form below. As soon as you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from Cheshire Scouts. This will contain the joining details for the enrolment event.

Our 2023 BTEC Course

A new approach

We will be provide a programme aimed at getting participants through the qualification as efficiently as possible.

Enrolment:  Wednesday 17 January 2023, online, 6:30 pm

Activity Day: Sunday 21 January, Warrington, 10 am – 4 pm
This will be a day event designed to give you a little more context to the course and the award you will receive. At the end of the session, you will be enrolled onto BTEC Level 2 qualification programme. You will also receive some practical skill training appropriate to the BTEC qualification.

The Investigation Zone

Introduction to CVQO and BTEC Level 2
Who are CVQO?

CVQO is a UK-based vocational education charity and learning provider.

What does CVQO do?

Put simply, they recognise the skills young people and adult instructors practice every day in organisations such as the MOD Cadet Forces (think Army Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, RAF Air Cadets, Combined Cadet Force) as well as other youth groups and societies such as The Scouts. Ultimately, they accredit people with vocational qualifications. CVQO work with all sorts of uniformed youth groups, as well as schools and colleges. These are typically focused on areas such as public services, adventurous training, music, teamwork, leadership and management.

What’s the qualification all about?

This award is at Level 2 and can be viewed as the equivalent of two GCSEs. Content of the award covers teamwork, communication, leadership and employment skills. The BTEC qualification is accredited by Pearson with training and work sessions delivered centrally (either online or face-to-face) by CVQO. Participants can use this award to boost CVs, gain places in further or higher education or to secure employment. For members of Cheshire Scouts, the BTEC qualification will be available free of charge, provided they meet the basic eligibility criteria.

How can I achieve a BTEC?

It is encouraged that young people use their prior scouting experience to qualify them for most modules of the BTEC. Activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cheshire Hike and the Young Leaders Scheme will count towards the qualification. Other practical challenges will be able to be achieved through a balanced Unit or Network programme, alongside completing mandatory written workbooks in order to meet the BTEC requirements.

Am I eligible to take part?

You are eligible to enrol on the BTEC Level 2 if you are 16 or over before 31st August 2023.

What will I learn?

TPD takes every aspect of what it means to be a member of a uniformed youth group in the UK and gives you a brilliant, internationally-recognised qualification. You can expect to study topics such as developing teamwork and communication skills, health and fitness, adventurous activities, land navigation, preparing for employment, volunteering, leadership skills and citizenship and community awareness.

CVQO receives a grant from the government each year to offer BTEC Level 2 qualifications to members of uniformed youth organisations in England.

Check out more information about the Level 2 BTEC qualification below:

“Having the BTEC helped get me a job as an apprentice IT support analyst. This is because I was able to present myself as a team player, have self-initiative and confidence.”
Molly Hewett

Read all about it
Click below to read more about our BTEC partners, CVQO:

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More about CVQO

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BTEC Level 2 Registration

Applications for the 2023 BTEC course are now open.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls