Happy 35th Beaver Scout Birthday!

Cheshire Scouts

Cheshire Beavers 35th Anniversary

Join the party!
Beaver Scouts celebrate their 35th Anniversary this year! Until the Easter holidays in April 2022, we are giving colonies in Cheshire the chance to join us in celebrating the 35th year of Beaver Scouts. To kick off the birthday celebration, we are offering Beavers and leaders the chance to take part in completing 35 challenges over the next seven months.

Record your progress
You will also be able to search for and download “Cheshire Beavers 35th Birthday” as a digital badge available on OSM. There is no physical badge available to present, however, you can use this system to keep a record of your Beavers’ progress.

Throughout the following months, why not keep in touch and let us know what your Beavers have achieved! You can take photos & videos (adhering to policy) or record your action in words using social media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging @CheshireScouts or using the hashtag #CheshireBeavers35.

Rewards for completion
When Beavers have completed all 35 challenges, they can be awarded with a special 35th anniversary certificate!

To claim the reward, Beaver leaders should contact their local ADC for a certificate template. This will be in a downloadable and printable format for leaders to sign and write the names of the children.

The Challenges

We would love you to join us in completing a total of 35 challenges to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Beaver Scouts. You have until the start of the Easter holidays in April 2022!

Each one is designed to be fun, engaging and either achievable at a weekly meeting or at home. All activities are listed below, linked to the Beaver badges and all downloadable as a PDF.

Good luck!

PDF Download

35th Birthday Challenges

PDF Download
1 Find out how old each of the different sections are and a little bit about them. We know that Beavers is now 35 years old and officially became part of Scouts in 1986. Are any other of the sections celebrating a special birthday this year? Membership Award, Moving On Award
2 Recreate the UK Beaver Scout uniform from 1986 and compare it with your own Membership Award
3 Find out about Beaver Scouts in other countries – can you find out 35 facts? International
4 Make an outdoor trail using 35 objects for somebody else to follow My Adventure Challenge
5 Make a natural sculpture to represent your favourite thing about Beavers My Outdoors Challenge
6 Decorate 35 biscuits as a colony or lodge My Teamwork Challenge, My Skills Challenge, Cook
7 Spell your name in morse code using 35 different socks Communicator
8 Make a record for Brushing your teeth over several days totalling 35 times My Skills Challenge
9 Go on a mini beast hunt – can you find 35 creatures? My World Challenge
10 Perform 35 star jumps Health & Fitness, My Skills Challenge
11 Create a promise tree – As a colony or lodge can you fill 35 leaves with examples of how you have kept your beaver promise? My World Challenge, Membership Award
12 Collect 35 things from nature and make a picture of a birthday cake or number 35 using collected items My Outdoors Challenge
13 Find 35 ways to travel 35 steps Health & Fitness, My Skills Challenge
14 Learn and sing different campfire songs for 35 minutes My Skills Challenge
15 Make a Marshmallow tower with spaghetti that is 35cm tall, Alternatively, you could use kebab sticks and midget gems or newspaper My Teamwork Challenge
16 As a team can you solve 35 clues to complete your mission? My Skills Challenge
17 Take 35 photographs and create a slide show, collage, or scrapbook Photographer
18 Fit 35 different things in a rucksack My Teamwork Challenge
19 Make a paper plane that can fly over 3.5m Air Activities
20 Read 35 pages in a book Book Reader
21 Count 35 stars in the sky & find a constellation Space
22 Can you design and build a model using 35 different pieces? Builder
23 Invent a 35 second dance routine. Why not send us a video! @CheshireScouts #CheshireBeavers35 Creative, My Skills Challenge
24 Wear 35 items of clothing and take a photo. Why not send us your photo! @CheshireScouts #CheshireBeavers35
25 Go on a 3.5 mile walk – Can you spot 35 different things on your hike Hikes, My Adventure Challenge
26 Invent a machine that is 35cm long, wide, or tall, will it work? My Skills Challenge
27 Draw a picture, make a model or collage of what you think Beavers will be like in 35 years’ time Creative
28 Keep 2 balloons in the air for 35 seconds Health & Fitness
29 Recycle 35 Items. Record what you recycled Global Issues
30 Collect 35 things that go together. Take a picture of your collection and say why you started collecting Collector
31 Build a number 35 in Minecraft, Lego, Play-doh or similar Creative
32 Make a paper chain of 35 links Creative
33 Create and send out an invitation to your celebration Creative
34 Bake a cake and decorate it for the 35th Birthday Cook
35 Have a Birthday Party to celebrate our Beaver Scouts Birthday. Maybe safely try a cake with 35 candles!? My World Challenge
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls