Badges and Awards At Home

Badges and Awards At Home

Scouting from Home

Leaders and supporters are encouraged to support scouting from home by:

  • Customising (editing) resources for local use, by including section specific contact details and content
  • Using appropriate online channels to make edited resources available (e.g. Online Scout Manager, existing section or Group Facebook page or groups etc)
  • Using appropriate online channels to encourage participation by youth members and to encourage parents/carers to support participation
  • Using regular on-line meetings to recognise completion of badges or challenges
  • Organising local challenges to be completed at home or online

Badges from Home

Online Scout Manager has just enabled their new Badges from Home feature!

To enable it leaders need to go to:

  • Settings
  • Parent Portal Settings
  • Badges
  • Enable ‘Badges At Home’ > Enable for any badge or Selected Badges

Once enabled, parents can log onto the parent portal and upload evidence of their young person completing various badge requirements as well as leaving a message/comment. Leaders can then review the evidence and award the badge or leave a comment or some words of encouragement!

Leaders can also record intro videos for each badge (if they want to) to make the experience more personal. We will shortly be sharing an online video.

If your Group or Section has still not registered for OSM through the County contact John Duley [email protected] for advice. County is paying for it.

Scouting from Home Resources

Note that many of these resources will need editing (e.g. to include contact details for leaders, section specific requirements etc)


  • The Great Indoors (over 100 existing activities from our programme planner that are perfect for parents and carers to do with their children if they’re stuck at home over the next few weeks)
  • On-Line Programme Planner (note that many of these programme ideas will need adapting for Scouting from Home)
  • Searchable Activities Library (filter by section and by ‘Indoor‘ or ‘At Home‘ – also note that some of these programme ideas will need adapting for Scouting from Home)
  • Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) – Special Edition 3rd – 5th April 2030. Where Scouts from the street next door and around the world meet safely on line, from home
  • Sustainable Scouting from Home (Each day will tackle a different area of the UN Sustainable Development Goals)

Beaver Scouts

  • Beaver Badge Workbook (book reader, cyclist, animal friend, collectors, hobbies and photographer activities badges)

Cub Scouts

  • Cub Badge Workbook (animal carer artist, astronomer, book reader, chef, collector, communicator, cyclist, DIY, entertainer, environmental conservation, gardener, hobbies, home help, home safety, local knowledge, naturalist, personal safety, photographer, road safety, scientist and sports enthusiast activity badges)
  • Cub Badges and Activities to Do at Home (artist, digital citizen stage 1, book reader, air activities stage 2 and home help activity badges; cub scout personal challenge award, plus building a den at home!)


  • Scout Badge Workbook (artist, astronautics, astronomer, communicator, craft, cyclist, DIY, entertainer, environmental conservation, farming, fire safety, hobbies, librarian, local knowledge, mechanic, media relations and marketing,  meteorologist, model maker, naturalist, photographer, scientist, sports enthusiast and writer activity badges)
  • Scouts – Badge and Activities to Do at Home (artist, air researcher, air activities stage 2, chef, global issues, digital citizen stage 2 and writer activity badges, plus a bonus activity)


General Scouting Programme

The following links are provided as general programme resources. Leaders may wish to review these badges and awards to prepare resources for Scouting from Home.

Parents/carers may also wish to look at the wide range of badges and awards available and choose to support their child(ren) in completing the requirements of these badges and awards. Please check with your child’s leaders how completion of these badges and awards should be evidenced.

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