AGM 2023 Nomination Form

AGM 2023 Nomination Form

Cheshire Scout’s Annual General Meeting 2023

Nominations for the Position of;

  • County Secretary
  • County Treasurer
  • Nominated Member of The Council of The Scout Association

Cheshire County Scout Council has the responsibility to elect certain persons to the Council of The Scout Association and the County Trustees Board.

Cheshire County Scout Council has agreed a procedure that allows members of Council the freedom to nominate any one suitable person from amongst its membership to the County Executive Committee.

The Nominator must gain approval of the Nominee and the endorsement of two other members of Council before submitting this Nomination Form to the County Secretary.

The Nominator must satisfy themself that the nominee understands the duties of a Charity Trustee and is not disqualified from acting in such capacity.

The deadline for nominations is the 1st June 2023 to secure publication of the nominee’s name on the voting papers for the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Cheshire County Scout Council.

The Nominee will be required to provide a brief resume of his/her record of voluntary service or professional interest, which would be helpful to the electoral body of Cheshire County Scout Council.

Nomination Form

For use by members of Cheshire County Scout Council ONLY

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