Access Guidelines Tatton Park

Our campsite is located within the walled and fenced boundaries of one of Cheshire’s premier stately homes, Tatton Park.

As with all such locations, security of the historic halls and gardens along with the 600 year old deer herd, specialist cattle and sheep is paramount. Our campsites location is spectacular and special; we guarantee you will enjoy the fascinating parkland and attractions as well as free roaming deer herds and prehistoric history trails. Our sole use of the mere a recognised site of scientific interest (SSI) makes this a site to remember.

For all of the benefits there are some conditions which are non-negotiable during your stay.

Therefore please understand that access out of normal public opening hours is by means of a key to the main parkland gates. The campsite duty warden supplies the key to you. A key is issued to each group camping and it is the camp leader’s responsibility to take care of it.

If members of your group are arriving outside normal hours

Summertime April to September 07.00hrs – 19.00hrs
Wintertime October to March 07.00hrs – 17.00hrs

Electronically time controlled gates close at the published times, you therefore MUST supply a gate monitor and open and close the gates with your key for every member of your party arriving after closing time.

Although Tatton Park has staff living in the lodge at the main gate, they must not be disturbed, doing so recalls them to work and a £50.00 call out fee for which YOU will be directly charged following each disturbance.

When the park is open there is a £ 5.00+ entrance fee payable by every visitor including National Trust members, you are ONLY exempt this fee on production at the time of entry of a pass issued by the campsite to the person who booked the visit .

It is quite simple NO PASS, NO FREE ENTRY, if you do not have a pass the entrance fee WILL NOT be refunded.

Any inappropriate behaviour towards the gate staff or refusal to pay will result in you being removed from the site and possibly your whole group being asked to leave.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls