The St. George’s Day Parade of King’s Scouts at Windsor Castle

We will be delighted for all our King’s Scouts and guests joining in Windsor to celebrate the exceptional achievements of truly outstanding Scouts. We welcome King’s Scouts, who’ve earned their awards through hard work, commitment, and determination. They’ve helped their local communities, completed challenges and expeditions, and visited countries across the globe. In the process, they’ve grown as individuals, helped others, and made a real impact to the world around them.

Our King’s Scouts make us all so proud. They’ve shown the courage, the kindness and the commitment to tackle anything in life, helping others and serving their communities. Not just of this great movement, but of our country too – Bear Grylls OBE, Chief Scout

We also celebrate our adult volunteers who’ve earned Good Service Awards in the St George’s Day award list. They make it possible for our young people to experience fun, challenging activities and everyday adventure. It’s thanks to their skills and time that Scouts can happen, so we’re excited to acknowledge their dedication. They’re all a huge source of inspiration.

Our Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award recipients are here, too. They’ve been tremendously brave and heroic in tricky situations. Some have helped others in distress, given potentially life saving first aid, or acted calmly and sensibly in critical moments. All of them have shown the true spirit of Scouts and represented our values.

Dress code

For King’s Scouts full smart uniform must be worn, with smart trousers/skirt (not jeans) and smart sensible footwear (not trainers). King’s Scouts parade together as a Cheshire Scout’s section and are provided with a Cheshire Scouts necker and woggle to be worn and as a keepsake, this is the exclusive gift of the County Lead Volunteer (County Commissioner) for King’s Scouts of Cheshire. Read more on What to Wear and Badge Guidance

Guests please wear Scout uniforms or smart clothing. There’ll be a lot of walking and standing throughout the day, on hills, cobbled paths, gravel, and grass. So we advise you wear smart and sensible footwear. Make sure you dress suitably for the weather conditions on the day.

Map and accomodation

Please visit and select ‘Local information’ for a map of the event, car parks and suggestions for accommodation in the Windsor area. There’s also a link to St George’s Chapel and Windsor Castle, so you can find out more information about the location.

Please make sure you don’t get dropped off outside the entrance to Windsor Castle, as this area becomes quickly congested.

Tickets and security

Your tickets will be sent to you and your guests after registering.  Please keep them safe, as they can’t be replaced. It’s important you and your guests read and understand the information provided.  Please remember no weapons of any kind are permitted in Windsor Castle, including pen knives.

You won’t be able to carry any personal belonging during the Parade, including mobile phones.

Overview of the day

Here are the times for you and your guests to note.

09.00 King’s Scouts book into reception at Victoria Barracks. You need to be booked in by 09.30 at the latest. Please don’t be dropped off directly outside the Barracks, as this’ll cause traffic problems.

09.00 onwards. King’s Scouts Rehearsal in the Barracks. The rehearsal finishes around 11:30-12:00 and you are free to join your guests in town for a short period of celebration and lunch.

10.30 for 10.45 till 11.45 Mattins service in St George’s Chapel optional for Parents, Guardians and invited Guests.

12.00 – 12.45 Phase 1 of the Quadrangle spectator areas opens for Parents, Guardians and invited Guests. Please check your ticket for your time slot and arrive promptly at the Advance Gate. Queueing is via St Albans Street.

12.45 King’s Scouts assemble for the main event in the Pug Yard The Learning Resource Centre on St Albans Street.

12.45 – 13.30 Phase 2 of the Quadrangle spectator areas opens for Parents, Guardians and invited Guests

13.45 The King’s Scouts Parade will move off, led by a Guards Military Band. The parade will enter the Castle Quadrangle where they’ll form for the review.

14.00 The Review starts

14.45 The King’s Scouts move from the Quadrangle to St George’s Chapel for the National Scout Service. Parents, Guardians and invited Guests please exit the Quadrangle and leave the Castle grounds via the Henry VIII gateway onto Castle Hill.

15.00 The National Scout service begins and finishes at 15.45.

16.00 King’s Scouts march back to Mews Road via Castle Hill.

16.15 King’s Scouts are dismissed and you’ll leave the Pug Yard Advance Gate onto Castle Hill.

There’s a risk of delay in some areas of the event. King’s Scouts may be dismissed as late as 5pm.

Rewarding achievement

The National Scout Service and parade has a long and distinguished history. Scouts first visited Windsor en masse in July 1911, when 26,000 members came to the castle. At the time, it was the largest recorded gathering of young people in Britain. The assembled Scouts were reviewed by the movements’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell and King George V, who were both on horseback. Some years later, in 1934, the St George’s Day Parade was established, it’s now a highlight of the Scouts calendar.

Seating in the Quadrangle

There’s no seating in the Quadrangle. If you express a medical reason for needing a seat in the Quadrangle on registration, you’ll have been contacted directly to confirm your seating arrangements. If you are unsure whether you have a seat and you’d like to check, please contact the team at [email protected]

The parade

After the rehearsal and final preparations at the nearby barracks, the King’s Scouts assemble in Mews Road shortly after 1:30pm.  The Band of the Household Cavalry will keep time as the parade marches up the main driveway from the Mews Road to St George’s Gate.  When they reach the Quadrangle, the King’s Scouts will move up either side of the lawn until they’re called to a halt, while the military band position themselves at the lower end.  After this the Scout Band will move up to the right of the military band.  Once the parade comes to a halt, everyone will face inwards.

The Colour Party

The Colour Party in made up of six Scouts bearing the King’s flag, the flag of St George, and The Scouts Colour. The King’s flag was originally presented by King George V, and is named after him. The Colour Party will gather at the St George’s Gate, then move to the front of the statue at the lower end of the Quadrangle and get ready to march on. The Parade Leader, then calls the King’s Scouts to alert while the Colour Party move on between the assembled ranks to stop in front of him. The parade will stand at ease while we wait for the guest of honour to arrive.

The review

The review gives the King’s Scouts a chance to shine in front of our guest of honour. It’s a privilege they’ve earned from achieving the highest youth honour in Scouts. The Chief Scout and UK Chief Commissioner will enter the Quadrangle with our guest of honour to the dais. Meanwhile the parade will be called to alert and the Salute will be given. The review party will review the Scouts on the Sovereign’s Entrance side of the parade, before passing the bands and coming back along the opposite ranks. Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award holders will then meet our guest of honour, the Chief Scout and UK Chief Commissioner.


The guest of honour takes the dais to watch the Colour Part pass. After this, all the King’s Scouts will march past, making their way out of the Quadrangle through St George’s Gate. Please show your appreciation and give encouraging applause as they make their way around the Quadrangle. Once the parade has passed the dais, Scout’s guests will make their way down the West Carriageway, following the parade towards St George’s Chapel for the National Scout Service. The Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award holders will follow on, but they’ll pass the chapel, exit the castle and head to a private reception in the town centre. At the appropriate time, the stewarding team will direct all other guests to exit the Quadrangle.

The National Scout service

Planned by the King’s Scouts, the service celebrates Scouts values. This year’s service focuses on the theme of change. It takes place straight after the march in St George’s Chapel, and it’s a wonderful way to end the proceedings. Once the Queen’s Scouts have marched through the Upper, Middle and Lower Wards to reach the Horseshoe Cloister in front of the chapel, they’ll enter through the Great West Door and the service begins.

At the end, the Chief Scout leads everyone to reaffirm the Scout Promise. The chapel will be at full capacity, which is why invitations are limited. The chapel is closed to the public from 12.30pm onwards, so participants can rehearse for the service. However, it’s relayed to the courtyard, so everyone outside can still join in.


After a few words from the Chief Scout in the Horseshoe Cloister, the doors will open. As the Scouts band leads the parade, everyone marches back to Mews Road where they’ll be dismissed. Informal photographs can be taken after the parade with parents and guests outside the Henry VIII gateway on Castle Hill.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls